Saturday, April 28, 2012

Portraits of James Bond

Portrait of James Bond as a boy 

James Bond (right) and his brother as young boys
James Bond and his brother and mother
James Bond in Philadelphia while a student at Cambridge in the 1920s

James preparing a bird specimen 

James and Mary Wickham Bond "in the field"

James Bond with specimen trays at Philadephia Academy of Natural Sciences

Ian Fleming signed a copy of his latest book to Bond on the day they met - Feb. 5, 1964 
"A great day!" 


V. Kelly Bellis said...

Thank you for scanning these images. Please indicate the source from where they were scanned. Thank you

Roland Rumm said...

Hello Bill,

It looks like you have done most extensive research on James Bond the ornithologist. I live on an island that he visited in 1036,and I am a birder also. So I've always been very interested in his findings. Have you managed to get in contact with any of his descendents? I would be extremely interested in finding out if there is still any material out there about the island I live on.

Best wishes,